Who am I ? What do I do !

Paul Emploie 2 Mains / Paul Uses 2 Hands

Welcome to my web page. My name is Paul Dennis. I am english born but have lived and worked in Spain for 18 years
before moving to France in August 2013.

I am an "Auto-entrepreneur" under the statut of "prestation de services".

My main interest, experience and passion is in artisic reformation.
I have a good understanding of infrastructure, masonry,
finishing and a good kn
owledge of materials and techniques.

I enjoy working closely with my clients although I am able to take charge and
manage a project independantly.

I normally work within a 50 km radius of my home town although I am willing to travel if provision for accomodation is possible.

 I speak english, french, spanish and german.

Should you wish to contact me personally, my phone number is 06 64 98 20 35
(or 0033 664 98 20 35 from abroad) or send me an e-mail.

Thank you for your interest.